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WrinkCare Revitalize Eye Mask

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Instantly look 10x younger with the WrinkCare Revitalize Eye Mask.

It contains fast acting formula that helps to get rid of wrinkles, puffiness and, eyebags in just minute!


Jayne Randall (45 years old), shared her amazing result after using WrinkCare Revitalize Eye Mask:
" I’m forced to admit it: my skin has changed, and a lot of fine lines I’ve dreaded for so long have appeared on my face. But the WrinkCare gave me hope, the wrinkles around my eyes are less visible, it reduced my droopy cheeks, and looks firmer now. It simply works to keep me looking at least 10 years younger!"
 - Jayne Randall

Katherine Carr is very conscious about the increasing of the wrinkles on her face as she age. She tried every herbal products and facial treatments but nothing works on her.
"I'm really pleasantly surprised with this. I'm 50 so I know that I can't totally erase the wrinkles but the WrinkCare Eye Mask really did help to reduce the lines by about 70% or so. Can't beat that." 

-Katherine Carr


Scientific Proven Ingredients

Contains 1 Key Ingredient:
Gel Technology

The WrinkCare Revitalize Eye Mask sinks powerful gel to hydrate delicate eye skin and Infused with youth-boosting collagen. It gently penetrates to the layer of the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines such as crows feet, tear through, and frown lines.


Customer Review

"It really moisturizes and is very comfortable under my eyes. I do see results from the wrinkles, puffiness, and dark rings under my eyes. I’ve only been using it for a week now and yes you all is worth it."
Norma Byrd, Newark

"This product is a game changer. I love using it after a night out or whenever I am not feeling 100%. I notice a significant difference in the appearance of fine lines behind my nose. My skin appears youthful and firm, while sun damage spots diminish."
Lorie Carillo, Harrisburg

"This Wrinkcare eye mask is a holy grail! I t gave me a lot of confidence after using this for a week. My under eye area looks brighter and it really eliminates my eyebags and dark circles."Amber Lynn Jones, Annapolis




Easy to Use:

A good addition to your everyday beauty routine.
1. Just wash your face with water
2. Let the WrinkCare Revitalize Eye Mask sit for minutes or overnight. 
3. Peel it off gently.


Product Efficacy: Remove eyebags, fine lines, dark circle, wrinkle
Net Weight: 5g/ 8 Pairs per box

Package Includes

1 box / 2 boxes / 3 boxes / 4 boxes x  WrinkCare Revitalize Eye Mask

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