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Soluble Protein Thread and Nano Gold Essence Combination

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 Before we introduce our product, let's see what our happy customers have to say! 

Connie Finch, of age 56, sent us this photo of her progress with ProteneX after having used for 5 weeks. Congrats on your success! 

"I can't stress how much I love my skin now! I haven't felt this comfortable being in my skin for so long, and to be frank, I didn't think it was possible to have such smooth skin since I was 30. Thank you so much from the depth of my heart!" 

Connie Finch
San Antonio, Texas

After her husband left her for his young secretary, Moira Darling, at the age of 63, swore to have her revenge by getting the youngest, most beautiful-looking skin she'd had in over 30 years. Though considered having plastic surgeries done, she could not proceed through due to being a high risk patient by her surgeon. Luckily, ProteneX is here to change her life in just 8 weeks

Moira Darling
Los Angeles, California

Dr. Amelia Wright is a distinguished dermatologist with over 15 years of expertise in the field of cosmetology.
"The new product from PoteneX is by far the most potent anti-aging product in the market right now. Its non-injection risk-free remedy might be the end of injection treatments." Explained Dr. Wright. 

The Two Secret Keys Of ProteneX

Gold Protein Peptide Thread

The refined gold protein peptide is refined into nano particles, with a faster absorption rate into the depth of skin. By restructuring the protein peptide into a soluble protein form, it is able to be activated easily by coming into contact by our matching nano gold essence. The protein peptide can infiltrate deep under the uneven skin surface and reach into the muscle directly to form a mesh compound that support the healthy and bouncy look of your skin, drastically improving the appearance of wrinkles. The protein peptide thread also provides an abundant supply of rich nutrients to boost effective collagen regeneration and rejuvenation of skin cells! 

Nano Gold Serum

The powerful active gold revitalizing ability, can promote better metabolism, anti-aging, moisturizing effects that heal fine lines, smoothen firm skin, which makes for a better skin care that can help return skin to its former glory.

"The Nano Gold Serum provides an effective catalyst to activate the protein peptide essence and acts as a carrier to bring the it deep under the skin. It releases positive and negative ions to promotes a healthy blood flow that allows the skin cells to open up and enables the protein peptide to form a support structure for powerful skin rejuvenation." Explained Dr. Wright. 



  • Removes wrinkles and smoothens fine lines effectively
  • Speeds up skin regeneration and rejuvenation
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Stimulates active production of collagen in skin
  • Hydrates skin to regain dewy, moisturized look

How To Use:

  1. Dry face and clean well before use 
  2. Spray the gold essence evenly over your face
  3. Then apply the protein thread along wrinkles or any uneven areas
  4. Spray gold essence again over the top of the protein thread for maximum dissolving and absorption
  5. Once the protein thread completely dissolves, massage the residues and nutrients gently into the skin until fully absorbs 

 "I have been using the Soluble Protein Thread and Nano Gold Essence Combination for a good 2 months, and I must say, it's by far the most effective way to get rid of wrinkles, especially the ones of your face. It's way better than any high-end brand I've ever tried before. My face is way tighter and smoother than before. This is the one product I can't live without! " - Julia West 

Each Set Includes:

  • 20x Soluble Protein Thread
  • 5x 15ml Nano Gold Essence


  • 1x Soluble Protein Thread and Nano Gold Essence Combination (1 set/3 sets/5 sets)

For each pieces of our product purchased, we donate a portion of our profit to support the Cruelty Free International organization, which helps to promote the protection of animals and end animal cruelty around the globe.  By purchasing our product, you are supporting our cause to provide a more animal-friendly beauty culture. Don't hesitate to contribute to corporate your passion for beauty and animal today. 

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