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Ear Ringing Relief Ear Patch

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No more buzzing and headaches! Tinnitus relief ear patch is a natural way to solve tinnitus, such as tinnitus, buzzing, clicking and hissing, so that your entire nervous system calms down without side effects.

  • Quickly relieve tinnitus, such as ringing, buzzing, clicking and hissing. Also helps with various conditions such as rhinitis, frozen shoulder, deaf, and insomnia. Designed to calm your entire nervous system and prevent panic attacks, while improving blood circulation to relieve headaches.

  • Reduce your risk of memory impairment, and help improve your memory and concentration.


  • Great way to improve your health by enhancing blood circulation. It will finally enhance blood flow and improve body function.


  • Made from organic plant extracts, without harmful chemical substances. Natural and effective.


  • Just peel it off and stick it on the skin behind the ear. Take it out after 6-8 hours. Easy to use, no side effects. It is very suitable for alleviating tinnitus caused by hearing loss or noise exposure.

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1pc. Ear Ringing Relief Treatment Ear Patch (10PCS/Box)

3pc. Ear Ringing Relief Treatment Ear Patch (10PCS/Box)

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