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AntiSwelling Black Obsidian Detox Anklet

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Get Rid Of Swollen Legs!

The AntiSwelling Black Obsidian Detox Anklet can bring miracles to your body! The lymphatic drainage bracelet anklets are best suited for: arthritis, joint pain, carpal tunnel pain, repetitive strain injury (RSI), fatigue, insomnia (difficulty falling asleep), stress and anxiety, poor blood circulation related to diabetes, cold pain in hands and feet.

Theresa Robinson submitted this photo on her journey with AntiSwelling Black Obsidian Detox Anklet after using for 3 weeks. Congrats on the success!

“It does’s a perfect fit on my ankle far as weight I am 100% sure that they helped me....I hurt my leg a month ago after bumping it hard on a chair and I didn’t go to the doctor so every now and then it would swell up especially standing long periods of time. Since I started wearing the AntiSwelling Black Obsidian Detox Anklet I can tell that it helped me reduce the swelling, after wearing for 3 weeks I don’t feel anything on my knee now, I can walk straight without enduring the pain.”

Black obsidian is a type of volcanic glass known for its shiny, almost mirror-like surface. Black obsidian is known for its protective qualities and its ability to cleanse negative energies from a space. It is fast-acting and powerful at counteracting the harmful effects of illness, misfortune, and woe.

Obsidian is produced from volcanoes, which can strengthen the kidneys, absorb disease gas and help sleep. With proper exercise and a low-sugar, low-salt, and high-protein diet, you will get a great body.

Been used for many years to reduce pain, reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation. Adjustable natural stone bracelets can also reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep and enhance overall balance and mood. Hematite elastic bracelet keeps blood circulation, healthy function-health, magnetic therapy, weight loss.

These AntiSwelling Black Obsidian Detox Anklet are made of high-quality hematite beads, with good gloss and texture, smooth surface and comfortable feel, giving you a good wearing feeling. Adjustable, elastic, four-way stretch, nylon has maximum strength, comfortable wearing, and worth your choice.


I've been suffering with a swollen leg after injuring my left leg at work, a heavy box accidentally fall on my leg and I decided not to get it checked, but after 3 days the swelling got worse and started to emerge behind my knee, down to my calves and ankle. They were awful. I feared I'd never be able to wear a dress or skirt again for a long time without wearing a stockings to hide my legs. That’s why I decided to buy and give AntiSwelling Black Obsidian Detox Anklet a try.

Week 1

So after trying wearing this for 1 week and I’m already seeing improvements on my legs. After the 7 days of using AntiSwelling Black Obsidian Detox Anklet, my legs are way way better that before. I almost didn’t notice that I’m looking on my own legs. The swelling - without question - were visibly reduced in size right before my eyes!

Week 3

"After 3 weeks of wearing the AntiSwelling Black Obsidian Detox Anklet, I’m proud to announce.  I was astonished by the results! The swelling were calmer than the first time I used this! I can feel the lightness in my legs slimming as I use this. No more pain on walking and standing anymore.

Week 5

All of the swelling on my leg were gone!!

"After 5 weeks, not only had all my doubts and insecurity absolutely vanished - SO DID MY SWELLING! I am officially a believer of this AntiSwelling Black Obsidian Detox Anklet. My legs look new and the swelling on my legs completely disappeared! Wearing skirts and heels at work are now easy peasy for me. I can also move freely now than before using this anklet.

As I expected, after using it for 5 weeks of AntiSwelling Black Obsidian Detox Anklet, my legs showed a reduction in the swelling of 90%.

 Here are some of our happy customers:

“I bought this AntiSwelling Black Obsidian Detox Anklet to help with swelling in my legs caused by an injury I suffered last month while playing tennis. I like that it fits comfortably around ankles. It has only been 14 days, at first I am optimistic that it will work but seeing how my legs look now I can finally say that it really worked! The swelling on my legs are almost gone.”

“The AntiSwelling Black Obsidian Detox Anklet really helps with my lymphatic problem, and it is so fashionable! Honestly, I'm surprised at how perfect the anklet was! The stretch was a little tight but with an anklet like this, that is exactly what you want. I am so happy with this purchase!! Thank you”

Boosts Blood Circulation

Magnetic therapy is an effective alternative medicine that has been used for centuries to promote pain relief, improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and restore positive energy.


Size: 8mm Single Loop Bracelet


AntiSwelling Black Obsidian Detox Anklet

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